Monday, June 7, 2010

Make over final!

Do you remember my sister wanted to redecorate the craft area for her kids a little bit. I offered to make a few bits and pieces to help her realise the little 'make-over'.

I can finally show you what I made to pimp the craft area in her living room:

Have a look on my sisters blog Cindy. There you will  see how she redecorated the craft area. I think the pink and white checked notice board looks amazing. Well done sis!

my crochet marathon...

I'm still working on my crochet blanket. 
I do hope it will not end up as a ten years project. 
But gosh, it sure takes a lot of time! 

In a few weeks time we will visit our family in the Netherlands for a few weeks. I'm really looking forward to that! It has been two years since I saw them. It will be great to be able to give them all a big hug soon!

Unfortunately the flight takes about 22 hrs!!! Oh, and I hate flying...yuck.
And as sleeping is no option for me I decided to do a 22 hrs during crochet marathon in the plane! 
Add another 22 hrs for the flight back and my blanket must be ready!

Fingers crossed I can smuggle my crochet hook into the plane. Luckily I do have a wooden one as well!

Wednesday we'll get the keys for the new home. I'm so excited! I have sleepless night remembering what it looked like again and oh believe me, I have redecorated the house about a hundreds of times in my mind! I drive myself (not to mention boyfriend) crazy!

I used this beautiful fabric to make these canvasses and the cushion for the new home.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My patchwork blanket is ready!

Meanwhile we're still packing.

It took me 4 full days to sort all my craft stuff. 
I'm almost embarrassed to say that I needed 20 boxes to pack it all...
... and I did not even pack my fabrics and sewing machine yet!

When we arrived in Australia about 1,5 years ago we brought 35 boxes from the Netherlands. Needless to say that 30 of those boxes contained my stuff! We agreed on not bringing to much but there was no way I would leave my craft stuff (which was collected with great care over the years!) behind!


What can I say... crafting is my life!!!