Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Theehuis Dennenoord!

For anybody who lives in/ or will visit Twente in Overijssel 
(the area where I grew up in The Netherlands)
this is a must!

Teahouse Dennenoord in Vasse.  
  It's a tiny, tiny holiday park with a tea house and a little shop.
Surrounded in a rustic and forestry setting 
(ideal for walks and bicycle rides).
You'll find lovely areas to sit (indoors and outdoors) 
and there's just so much eye for detail!
The food is delicious. 
Loved it!

Thank you Ine for taking me here! And thanks Sis for joining me for a second time ; )
Did you leave your camera on purpose, so you could go another time...hihi?!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back in Melbourne!

It's nice to be back home, but believe me... it was very hard to say goodbye again to our family. 
In a way it makes it harder because you know it hurts them as well to see you go again.
I cried a river the last couple of days but I know everything will get back to normal soon. (I hope that includes the bags under my red eyes ;) 

Meanwhile I just cleaned the kitchen did some washings, sorted out the mail and spend the last hour blogging...
...and it's not even 8 o clock in the morning yet!
Hip hip Hooray for my Jetlag!!!

Here's a little, handmade gift I wanted to show you. Simple but cute.

Bring along some diapers and baby wipes in this handy and cute etui.
Great for a baby's day out!

The cute 'iron-on' I won recently at a give away from applicatie en zo . 

Allright, this is the part where my face turns red as a tomato...
Recently, not to long ago, just a couple of days....ehm...weeks ago. Well actually I should speak of about 1,5 month ago... (my face is now fluorescent)....
I received an award from Tamara from Matawi's Crea's.
You should most definitely have a look on her blog. She is really into crochet and amigurumi and makes the most gorgeous things! Believe me, you will be amazed!
Thank you Tamara!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Holiday 'kiekjes'!

In a few days time I have to say goodbye again to these cuties.

But while I was here we had a great time and offcourse I brought some souvenirs from Australia.

We made lampions and had a 'lampion parade' in the forest.

"Aunty Monique will you paint My Little Pony on our cheeks?!"

Visiting a fair....

...and the beach!

And we drove all the way to Belgium to meet real television heroes.
Who could have guessed dwarfs are so big nowadays?!?!

Haha.... and this is what Aunty Monique will do after she comes back from her vacation!!!

Thursday we'll fly back to Australia. 
I feel sad to say goodbye again, but I'm looking back on a lovely time with family and friends!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to the world!

This storage bag for toys (oftewel boxzak) I made for a little girl named Sofie.
Welcome to the world Sofie and congratulations to the parents!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Enjoying every minute!

It's wonderful to be back with my family.
We had a lovely welcome and it feels like I haven't been away that long.
Especially my little nieces seem to enjoy having their Aunty around. Well, I must admit that I have spoiled them the last couple of days!

I didn't have time for a jetlag, but today is the first day that I don't look like a zombie anymore ; )

Soon I will catch up with my best friend and tomorrow me and my sister are going shopping!!!

I'm enjoying every minute and I won't spoil to much time by sitting behind the computer.
Just wanted to share some pictures with you. 

This is the bag I made for my sister.
It was the most difficult sewing project I worked on so far. I came up with the whole pattern and decorations myself so I guess it's very unique.  But then again... so is my sister!