Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feet up or thumbs up?!

This Sunday I will be standing at the craft market in Healesville! Although I have been visiting a few craft markets before, I never participated as a stallholder. I'm clueless about what to expect.

I noticed that the markets attract lots of visitors. Most people go there just for fun (I think). They enjoy the food and atmosphere and maybe get inspired. That's what I do as well!
But in terms of actual sales of handmade products....I absolutely have no idea what to expect. Maybe that's good because it keeps my expectations low!

Well anyway, I'm getting prepared! Made signs, price tags, business cards, etc. I even went in to production of a few of my products. For example these little foot stools. They are also great as children seats and steps. I covered them with fabric and Oilcloth.

Next week I will update you about my market experience! Exciting!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chic Tweet!

Looks like these birds have a subscription on 'Real Living'!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

photo albunny

This is a little photo album that I re-decorated. It's a great gift idea for a new born. The bunny is sawed out of plywood and then hand painted with acrylic paint. Easy to personalize as well by gluing the name in wooden letters on to the album!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nosy giraffe!

It is true! There is actually snow in Australia!
We enjoyed our little skiing trip to Mt Hotham very much. It has been a very nice experience.

A couple of years ago I lived and worked in The Alps in Switzerland for a few months. Everybody already warned me not to expect to much of skiing in Australia compared to Europe. And yes, it was completely different.
Instead of driving true winter wonderland for hours, (as I was used to) this time arriving in the snow actually meant that you had arrived at the ski resort. It only took driving up a mountain, all the way to the top at 1750 metres, and suddenly you are there!
The resort itself and the slopes I think were really nice. Compact but not crowded. Although it was windy and cold we were lucky to have fresh snow (actually quite a bit!)

Back in Melbourne I'm relaxing a bit now, giving my sore muscles some peace.
I was just reading through some Dutch news sites online (it keeps me updated!). As my eye was caught by this small article:
"Het zal je maar gebeuren: je zit boven op je kamer en ineens staart er een giraf naar binnen. Dat overkwam een man in Zwartewaal vanmiddag".
Okay, If I lost you here, this is what it was about:
'A farmer was at home on the first floor when ones of a sudden a giraffe was looking trough the window. The giraffe was elaborately chewing on some wheat, meanwhile enjoying the view!'
How funny is that?! Apparently the giraffe was seeking adventure and escaped the circus in town.

Look at one of my paintings.... this must have been what the farmer saw, looking out of his window that afternoon!

Friday, July 17, 2009


This weekend we will be skiing at Mt Hottam. Exciting! (I'll let you know all about it when I come back)
But it also means that I will not have time to blog (oh no!).
Luckily during my absence, my nieces will take care of advertising my blog...

Funny girls!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After a week of holiday I'm back at work now. For most people that means lack of inspiration and less time for crafting. Well, I can't really say that!

I work in a lovely little shop in Melbourne city called Artlife. I discovered it by coincidence and never left!
We sell lots of pretty things: inspiring books, beautiful and unique home wares, great vintage items and lovely craft materials.
Every time when new stock comes in, it feels like Christmas. And everything I earn goes straight back in to the shop...haha!

If you happen to be in the city, make sure you visit us at 118 Lonsdale Street. We are a bit different from the average shop, but I'm sure you will get inspired!

Curious? here's a little sneak preview...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Somebody should have warned me!

A few months ago I'd never heard of 'blogging' before! No really, I'm not kidding! My interest in computers went as far as playing 'Donkey Kong' and 'Oerm' (remember that one??) on the Commodore 64! After that I lost track of everything digital.
Seriously, Sander who works in IT (how ironic) actually calls me a digi-illiterate :o)

So it took some time before I decided to start a blog. And guess what? The incredible happened: I have a new addiction besides crafting now! Whaaaaa.... somebody should have warned me! Now I spend at least two hours per day behind the laptop. And I'm loving it. There are so many great blogs around and so many inspiring bloggers. It's a whole new world for me. It's almost as coming home....haha!

Anyway, something completely different now. Today we drove to Mornington. Browsed around at a craft market a bit and then went for coffee and scones (Yummy!).Afterwards we explored the beach and its lovely colourful beach houses. I brought a few of my bags made of oil cloth and took some pictures. Have a look!

And how could I let you miss out on these massive scones...

And Sanders coffee was served in a mug that could not have been more suitable for him!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


This cute little girls bag is made of layers of cotton bands, red fabric with dots (I love dots!) and finished with a crochet flower!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A sunny winter morning in July!

This morning I decided to go for a nice bike ride around Albert Lake. It was a beautiful, cold but sunny ride. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to share it with you.

A massive tree! Look at its roots!

Parked my bike next to this palm tree to show you how tall it is!

The tree from under neath.

Look how all the branches are growing towards the sun!

Melbourne City.

Crazy flowers?!

You will not find these in Holland.

Oh, and these are a few of my new range of sun glass cozies I designed...

And as if the day didn't start good already I received a little box of goodies from my sister! Oh, It's just so nice. I can't stop looking at the amazing oil cloth!
Luckily for me I'm enjoying a week off so I can craft the whole afternoon! Yay!

Thanks sis!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swing to Crispness!

Having tea at a friends house she served it in this lovely mug! I immediately fell in love with the pretty image of this vintage Kellogg's add. It's just so happy and sunny!

A few weeks later my friend came back from a holiday in France. And guess what she brought me? My own Kellogg's mug! How very kind of her.I was so pleased.

I decided to make a big painting of the image. 'Realistic' painting is not something I do very often. I think it's because I normally don't have the patience. And I never took any painting lessons or what so ever. So I'm always worried that I will not be happy with the end result after putting so much effort in it. Yep, I'm a perfectionist!

But I actually was fairly happy with my new vintage painting after I finished it. I know I'm still very care full with painting shadows and creating dept. But I suppose that's something you learn by doing it more often!

And whilst you are having a look at my blog, I will clean my balcony. I dropped a raw egg during my photo session of the mug. Got a bit to enthusiastic I guess. Egg everywhere...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Matryoshka Dolls

There's lots of Matryoshka dolls around lately. Why is this wooden doll so popular? I must admit that I love them as well and I have been using the Matryoshka image a lot in my crafts.

Wikipedia tells me that Matryoshkas date from 1890, and are said to have been inspired by souvenir dolls from Japan. However, the concept of nested objects was familiar in Russia, having been applied to carved wooden apples and Easter eggs.

Well, and there you have it! Easter eggs.... I used to love painting eggs at Eastern! Actually my family still paints Easter eggs every year. So it must be the shape of the doll. The cylindrical shape, no arms, legs. Simple and so easy to decorate. Just like an egg I guess!

My handmade Matryoshka collection so far:

Post cards:

Fridge magnets:

Softies en key hangers: