Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swing to Crispness!

Having tea at a friends house she served it in this lovely mug! I immediately fell in love with the pretty image of this vintage Kellogg's add. It's just so happy and sunny!

A few weeks later my friend came back from a holiday in France. And guess what she brought me? My own Kellogg's mug! How very kind of her.I was so pleased.

I decided to make a big painting of the image. 'Realistic' painting is not something I do very often. I think it's because I normally don't have the patience. And I never took any painting lessons or what so ever. So I'm always worried that I will not be happy with the end result after putting so much effort in it. Yep, I'm a perfectionist!

But I actually was fairly happy with my new vintage painting after I finished it. I know I'm still very care full with painting shadows and creating dept. But I suppose that's something you learn by doing it more often!

And whilst you are having a look at my blog, I will clean my balcony. I dropped a raw egg during my photo session of the mug. Got a bit to enthusiastic I guess. Egg everywhere...


  1. Ik zag net je berichtje op mijn blog en dan ben je toch nieuwsgierig naar de persoon erachter. Maar ik ben nu al fan van je! Wat een heerlijk inspirerend blog heb je en dan heb ik alleen snel even fotootjes bekeken. Ga het vanavond eens lekker lezen. Leuk, ik zie veel overeenkomsten op creatief gebied met mezelf! Ik kom zeker terug! Veel succes down under!
    Groetjes Raquel

  2. Hi Monique,
    Well done. You have definately captured the Kellogg's girl.
    You are too critical of yourself.
    Keep up the good work.
    Oh dear, I eat eggs, but I don't like the smell.