Thursday, July 2, 2009

Villa Villekulla!

This is the biggest project I worked on so far. This little house is standing in the backyard garden of my parents. Me and my father build this together for my sisters kids. Unnessecary to say that they love it!

And my mum and dad are so proud of their 'second' house (and so am I offcourse). Poor mum has now two houses to clean...hehe!


  1. Hi Monique,
    How lovely for your children, and oh so pretty.
    Not many cubby house's around these days, or is that because my children are older?

  2. absolut genial. was für ein geniales häuschen!
    einfach perfekt!
    "herzlichi grüass, carla"

    sorry....aber bei dir gibt es ja so viel schöne sachane zu entdecken ;-))))

  3. Geweldig!!!
    Wat onzettend mooi gemaakt en bedacht.
    Zie het al helemaal voor me hier achter in de tuin.
    Mama waarschijnlijk meer lol dan de kids:)
    Leuke weblog heb je, ik zit te genieten.

    Groetjes Arjanne

  4. Oh, my Lord! This is the most fantastic house I have ever seen! My kids would LOVE to have a house like this! Thank you for the inspiration -maybe something like this will be our sumer prosject this year!