Sunday, July 12, 2009

Somebody should have warned me!

A few months ago I'd never heard of 'blogging' before! No really, I'm not kidding! My interest in computers went as far as playing 'Donkey Kong' and 'Oerm' (remember that one??) on the Commodore 64! After that I lost track of everything digital.
Seriously, Sander who works in IT (how ironic) actually calls me a digi-illiterate :o)

So it took some time before I decided to start a blog. And guess what? The incredible happened: I have a new addiction besides crafting now! Whaaaaa.... somebody should have warned me! Now I spend at least two hours per day behind the laptop. And I'm loving it. There are so many great blogs around and so many inspiring bloggers. It's a whole new world for me. It's almost as coming home....haha!

Anyway, something completely different now. Today we drove to Mornington. Browsed around at a craft market a bit and then went for coffee and scones (Yummy!).Afterwards we explored the beach and its lovely colourful beach houses. I brought a few of my bags made of oil cloth and took some pictures. Have a look!

And how could I let you miss out on these massive scones...

And Sanders coffee was served in a mug that could not have been more suitable for him!


  1. Hi Monique,
    I've tagged you with a blog award.
    Please see my blog for details.

  2. wunderschöne täschchen! einfach zauberhaft!
    "herzlichi grüass, carla"