Monday, July 6, 2009

Matryoshka Dolls

There's lots of Matryoshka dolls around lately. Why is this wooden doll so popular? I must admit that I love them as well and I have been using the Matryoshka image a lot in my crafts.

Wikipedia tells me that Matryoshkas date from 1890, and are said to have been inspired by souvenir dolls from Japan. However, the concept of nested objects was familiar in Russia, having been applied to carved wooden apples and Easter eggs.

Well, and there you have it! Easter eggs.... I used to love painting eggs at Eastern! Actually my family still paints Easter eggs every year. So it must be the shape of the doll. The cylindrical shape, no arms, legs. Simple and so easy to decorate. Just like an egg I guess!

My handmade Matryoshka collection so far:

Post cards:

Fridge magnets:

Softies en key hangers:


  1. Just stumbled across your blog by hitting the 'next blog' button on top of a friend's blog. You are incredibly creative and talented!

  2. Hi Monique,
    Ah yes, I can see you do like these dolls.
    Oh so cute.

  3. Really love those dolls!