Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feet up or thumbs up?!

This Sunday I will be standing at the craft market in Healesville! Although I have been visiting a few craft markets before, I never participated as a stallholder. I'm clueless about what to expect.

I noticed that the markets attract lots of visitors. Most people go there just for fun (I think). They enjoy the food and atmosphere and maybe get inspired. That's what I do as well!
But in terms of actual sales of handmade products....I absolutely have no idea what to expect. Maybe that's good because it keeps my expectations low!

Well anyway, I'm getting prepared! Made signs, price tags, business cards, etc. I even went in to production of a few of my products. For example these little foot stools. They are also great as children seats and steps. I covered them with fabric and Oilcloth.

Next week I will update you about my market experience! Exciting!


  1. wat een geweldig mooie dingen maak je zeg .
    ik vind je krukjes super leuk.
    ik zou je heel graag willen volgen maar ik zie niet waar ik me kan aanmelden.
    Lieve Groetjes Stip

  2. Hi Monique,
    Your stools look great.
    I noticed an ad for the market in my local newspaper.
    I hope the weather is good to all the stall holders.
    Have fun.

  3. Leuke blog, supercrea-bea ;)
    ben benieuwd hoe je markt is gegaan!
    Ik zou graag even op je kraampje hebben gekeken!