Monday, August 3, 2009

Craft Market Madness!

After a busy week and heaps of preparation stress I can now look back at my first attempts on being a stallholder at an Australian Craft Market.
Unfortunately things didn't go entirely as I wished they would have...

Arriving at the market location at 7.30 am, we were in the assumption that we would easily have our (borrowed and never used) gazebo tent unpacked and built up in half an hour. As we opened the box of the tent, about hundred separate metal poles and three hunderd screws and bolts came rolling out of their hiding place!!! Oh no...

Let's just say that we were very lucky that our neighbour stallholders didn't understand Dutch...
One and a half hour and loads of laughing spectators later we finally managed to get the tent up. That left me about ten minutes to finish and fit up the stall!

I think that I looked like a wild, aggressive and cracked up maniac the first half hour as people were running past my stall like scared little birds...hehe.

But then, when the sun was showing its kind and warm smile, I finally started to relax and enjoy the market. And I can just say: It was great! I got such a good response. Sold a fair bit of my handmade products, which was wonderful.
Friends came to visit and support me. Thanks to all of you! That was so nice.

For everyone that couldn't come (I think most of my blog readers are from overseas) here's a few pictures!


  1. Ziet er super uit, zeg, die stand van jou! Dat moet ik nog maar een keer nadoen. Het ontbreekt me gewoon aan tijd om spulletjes voor te maken. Opdrachten gaan uiteraard voor!Dus ach ja, wie weet als de kids naar school zijn.

    Groetjes raquel

  2. Hi Monique,
    Sounds like the day ended very well and now you know how to put up the stall for next time.

  3. What a wonderful story and how lovely to see your stuff out there, I just adore your colours and your work is indeed wonderful. I wish you all the success in the world.

  4. Hi Monique and Sander,

    funny to seen Sander holding a hammer but did he also use it?
    Good to see you have found something you like.

    have fun