Saturday, August 15, 2009

You may have noticed that I like colors! But in our little apartment the colour madness just shows itself in my craft room.
That's because there is something that inspires me more then anything and that is Swedish design (mixed with the simplicity of country style living in Europe).
I have been in Denmark and Sweden a few times and I just love it.
My Swedish friend ones took me to the little summer house of her grand mother. Beautiful!!! Just as in the movies based on the Astrid Lindgren books (I have seen each of them hundreds of times!).
For you that also like Swedish design have a look at the blog of lillakamomilla. And look out for her kitchen! That's my dream kitchen!
Unfortunately it doesn't even come close to my kitchen. But never the less this is a corner of my tiny wanna-be kitchen. I bought the second hand mug stand in our shop. It had a very strange greenish color. But white paint is the magic word. And this is the result...

And I thought I'll end this post with a very funny story. Talking about tiny kitchens... never clean a fish in the kitchen of your caravan!
This very nice couple (I will not mention any names..hehe) that I know went on a holiday to France. One day going for a walk they were given a fresh caught fish from a fisherman. If you ever cleaned a fish before you'll might know it's a time killing job to get rid of the scales. But although it took a while, they managed to clean and prepare the fish for dinner.
The problem was the cleaning of the kitchen afterwards. The water wasn't running through the kitchen sink any more. The fish scales probably blocked the drainpipe.
But being Dutch, they were prepared for everything and the little plunger came in handy. After a bit of effort the tool helped to get the drains cleared!
They enjoyed a very nice meal, and the fish tasted excellent. It wasn't until one of them had to go to the toilet, they discovered the disaster. The tiny. little toilet/shower was covered with fish scales. Imagine hundreds of fish scales hanging on the ceiling....hahaha!


  1. Your kitchen is lovely. I love the white that brings out the delicious colours of your accessories and utensils. Very very cool

  2. wunderschön deine dekoration! das regal und die schönen details!
    herzliche grüsse, carla

  3. Wat een gaaf kasje! Oh, met dat uitgesneden visje erin, datis weer helemaal mijn ding! Herinnering aan het visverhaal?


  4. Leuk hoekje zo, ik heb die blikken ook en kan ook enorm genieten van de films waar je het over hebt;)!!
    Fijn weekend!

  5. Leuk geworden hoor! Ik hou ook van kleurtjes maar ook van wit :D Was dit je mokkenrekje? Of heb je nog een ander rekje?
    Fijne week nog,