Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spring is in the air!

This weekend we went camping at the Brisbane Ranges National Park and the surroundings west of Melbourne.
Arriving in the dark at Friday night the camp site looked a bit scary. We like 'back to basic' camping and let's just say that a toilet is already luxury for the campsites we pick.
As soon as we got the campfire started a huge spider paid us a visit and insisted on hanging around our camp fire.
We managed to chase it away in the end. But we all know spiders in Australia eat humans alive ;o) so it took me another hour to convince myself it (most likely) wasn't coming back.
I was finally able to relax and sit back in my chair when ones of a sudden somebody threw stones at our van. Whaaaa! Believe me, that's a scary thought if you think there is nobody around. Armed with flashlights and squeezing Sanders arm we decided to check it out. Who knew possum poo makes so much noise falling on metal?!
The next morning it was nice and sunny. We enjoyed driving and walking around the Park. In 2007 bush fires destroyed big areas of the National Park, but it was good to see that nature is slowly recovering.
Lovely to see the beginning of spring as well!

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