Sunday, August 30, 2009


Pay attention if you like kitsch! Here's a great idea to re-use old doilies!

You'll need a few doilies, cling wrap. fabric stiffener and some bowls.

Wrap the cling wrap around your bowl to protect them from getting dirty.

Soak the doilie in the stiffener and squeeze out excess liquid.

Drape the doilie over the back of the bowl and press it gently in shape.

And this is the result. Kitsch but cute! Great with little apples or nuts in it...

Very nice as Christmas decoration as well
with some green pine branches or
pine cones and Christmas balls!

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  1. wow- that's an awesome idea! I"m going to hunt down these 2nd hand doilies from all the op shops (opportunity shops) that I find myself in : ) Wonderful!