Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pear tree.

'I want a pear tree in our living room!' I said to Sander (my boyfriend) when we just moved into our new apartment. We have been together for a while so he didn't look to surprised when I said that.
'You want a pear tree in our house?' he asked. Probably thinking 'here's one of her crazy ideas again'.

It took me a few weeks to convince him that I really wanted this tree but in the end he came along to 'Bunnings' to buy a big piece of plywood and a cheap electric saw.

I started with my project on a Monday morning. Standing in our hall with this massive piece of wood I was sawing as if my life was depending on it. Using the crappy electric saw and my little fretsaw. What a work! The whole hallway was covered in sawdust and so was I.

But that Monday evening I had my pear tree in the living room! It is not just a pear tree, it's also our family tree. Pictures and postcards we receive from our family go up in the tree.

This week I made some fabric pears. I spotted them in one of my favourite sewing books (sew pretty by Tilda).
And I think the little basket with pears looks so great underneath the tree.

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