Sunday, February 21, 2010

A great idea!

This is an idea I spotted in an Australian magazine called 'Real Living'.
Pay attention mummies who don't know what to do anymore with all the beautiful drawings and paintings of your kids. You can't hang them all on your fridge or wall. But don't you think this is a great idea?!
Just collect some empty glass jars. Cut the drawings in the right size. Pop them in the jar and decorate with a ribbon or string and you can display the artworks on a shelf or table!
Or you tie a (metal) wire around the jars and hang them on a string or branch.


  1. Nou misschien ga ik dat vandaag wel meteen even uit proberen! Ook leuk als cadeautje!
    X sis

  2. Ook een erg leuk oma-cadeautje! Bedankt, ik ga m op mijn blog zetten, heel leuk!