Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Here's a funny story!

Living in Australia means living in a country with a few of the worlds most deadly animals. We often get asked if we are never scared as we go camping a lot. Till recently I hardly ever got scared. That's not because I'm very brave, but we hardly came in contact with any nasty bastards. We've seen a few spiders that made us feel a bit uncomfortable at camp spots. Even a snake crossed our path ones our twice. But we never felt threatened so far.

This was all before my panic attack. Hehe, and this is were I completely freaked out!

In Tasmania Sander and I wanted to go for a short walk to a waterfall. On the sign at the beginning of the walk we read the usual information about the highlights and the flora and fauna along the walk. All fine, till Sander read out loud; 'during moist weather, leeches may occur'. 'LEECHES'!!! I yelled... 'I'm not coming'! Ow, I hate leeches, ticks and everything else that likes digging holes in my skin! No way I was coming along.
But I could see Sander was a bit disappointed. And hey, there were other people coming back from the walk and they looked perfectly fine.
So I changed my shorts for a pair of jeans and my flip flops for my hiking boots. Ready to go (kind of...I guess).

It was a nice walk and I could hear we were getting close to the waterfall when Sander stopped to have a closer look at the little creek we were crossing. I waited patiently until....there it was!!! On my jeans, halfway up my leg I came eye in eye (well eye in non-existing eye) with my biggest fear.... 'LEECHES!!!' I screamed.
I flicked my finger to get the horrible, creepy creature of my leg and that's when it got stuck on my finger. 'IIIEEEE!! all I could see was that slimy worm hanging on to my finger whilst I was jumping and screaming, and smashing my arm up and down.
I think it didn't manage to hang on any longer ten a split second, but I couldn't stop jumping and screaming. Yuck!
Sander managed to calm me down for (I think) half a minute. That was the moment that I bend down to check my legs underneath my jeans. Guess what... an even bigger leech was making its way up my leg to find itself a good spot to settle down. This is were I completely freaked out! I managed to smack the filty bastard of my leg and I ran for my life! I ran, and ran and ran, meanwhile crying like a lunatic. I could hear Sander behind me 'Monique, calm down, wait a second...' But there was no way I was stopping.
Running like a Tasmanian devil and squeaking like an hyena I managed to reach the park spot were I forced Sander to check every inch of my legs, my trousers, and all my other clothes.
Afterwards I'm very glad we had the park spot to ourselves. Imagine what we looked like. Me in my undies, jeans on my heels, crying like crazy and Sander on his knees checking my legs. Hilarious!!!

Anyway, I guess I'm not really afraid (yet) of 'deadly' animals but there are definitely animals that scare me...hehe. I'm just hoping it won't affect me to much on future walks!

Something completely different now. I have been asked to make a name plaque again. Sanders cousin and his wife got a (apparently very cute and roguish) little boy called Ties (Yep, just like my nephew).
So I chose to make a name plaque for little Ties with a Dutch theme, and this is what I came up with! Sanders parents brought the present from Melbourne to The Netherlands themselves!

Congratulations from Sander and me!


  1. i really adore your work, the use of primary colours is so refreshing. Your clean crisp lines remind me of the old fashioned childrens story illustrations. Love it!

  2. Dear Monique,

    thank you for you nice comment! :-)

    And thank you for the "funny" story about the leeches. I was laughing and I was scared at the same time. Iiiihhhh! I have to google leeches - we germans call them "blutegel". Disgusting!!

    I really like the name plaque. Nice style!!

    Liebe Grüße von Sally

  3. Jammer, dat je dan weer geen foto plaats van jou met die broek op de enkels!
    Naamplaatje is echt super!
    X Sis

  4. Hi Monique,
    Oh, I laughed and laughed reading your post(so descriptive) probably because I would be exactly the same if I had leeches crawling on me. Ah, I'm also afraid of ticks burrowing into my head!
    Your name plaque is fantastic.
    I'm sure Ties parents will be thrilled.
    Have a great day,

  5. Ik krijg die kriebels terwijl ik dit lees en dat terwijl ik helemaal niet weet wat dat is een leeches. Maar als er eentje een fobie heeft voor dit soort dingen ben ik dat wel!!!!!!
    By the way met strijkvelours kan je je eigen applicaties (opstrijk plaatjes) maken. Of noem je dat niet zo in het NLs?

  6. Dear Monique. I have nominated you for a blogging Award. The Sunshine Award for crafters who inspire people with their blogs. You inspire me, so thanks!