Sunday, March 28, 2010

Always something to do!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I had a really nice day!

One of the great things of living in Melbourne is that there is always something to do! This month it's the 'Food and Wine Festival', the 'Comedy Festival' just started, and the 'International Flower and Garden Show' is on this weekend.
I've visited the show with friends. It was very nice and inspiring (and kind of frustrating if you just have a tiny, little balcony like we do...hehe). Unfortunately my camera run out of batteries so I can't show you a lot.
But here's a small impression! So colorful!

There is just one 'happening' of which I'm really happy that it ends this weekend!
We live opposite of Albert Park and that means we have the "Grand Prix/Formula 1" literally at our doorstep for four long days!
That doesn't just mean the powerful noise of the cars all day (and believe me the noise is maddening) but it also includes a helicopter circulating above our appartment almost 24/7, air shows twice a day and drunk people screaming and celebrating all night....

I guess every upside has its downside!
Nevertheless, living in Melbourne is still great ; )

Oh, and I just discovered something great! I have 100 followers since today! That is amazing! Thank you all for visiting my blog. I think it might be a good reason for a tiny, little give away to celebrate this!
You'll hear from me soon... 


  1. He Monique,

    een paar dagen niet online geweest en mis ik meteen je verjaardag...
    Alsnog gefeliciteerd!
    Je bent weer goed verwend zag ik al...
    En wat een bloemenpracht weer in je huidige berichtje...
    Jammer dat er nu net zoveel ' herrie' in de buurt is, maar over een paar dagen is het circus weer voorbij en zijn alle mensen weer vertrokken...
    Misschien toch een idee om zo'n mooie pipowagen op een stiller plekje te zoeken in the outback?!?!
    Geniet van het weekend!

  2. Mooie fotoos van de garden show! Echt spijtig dat ik niet mee kon.

    Haha, je bent wel blij zeker dat de Grand Prix eindelijk over is?