Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bamboo Ladder

We have this small post/column that divides our living room from the kitchen. It's kind of in the middle of the room so I didn't really know what to do with it. Till I came across this bamboo ladder. It looked nice, but I thought it needed some decorating. 
So I cut two rounds out of plywood. Both with a little rounding. The rounding fits exactly around the pole of the ladder. Then it just needed a tiny nail to attach the 'plateaus' to the rung.
Now I can actualy use it to put down decorations!

Still not entirely happy I sewed a magazine holder that hangs on the ladder and looks pretty as well.


  1. How you keep coming up with great ideas like this is beyond me. Well done, looks really good.

  2. ... this likes mitr really... great idea to make something like that from bamboo and really really there gucker;)

    Greeting Marion

  3. Ja leuk zus! Ik wou dat ik het een keer in het echt kon bewonderen!
    X sis

  4. Het staat er of het er altijd al heeft gestaan!

  5. Hey, da's prachtig joh! Ik zie dat je ook een fan bent van magazines (Donna Hay, m'n favoriet!)! En ik kijk al uit om ook es die bladen die je uit Nederland hebt ontvangen door te bladeren... hehe... VT wonen was altijd een van m'n favoriet toen ik in Belgie was.

  6. Hi Monique,
    Belated Birthday wishes to you.

    I love what you've done with the bamboo ladder.
    Ah, you amaze me with your creativeness!

    Ha ha, you are not very far from my Dad. He normally complains about the noise and helicopters going over his place while the grand prix is on, however I think he really likes the hustle and bustle while the race is on.