Monday, July 19, 2010

How it all started...

A few days ago I received a 'stokje' from Michaja from ma vie a Salon (make sure you have a look on her blog. It's one of my favourites!) Thank you Michaja!

Anyway a 'stokje' in this case means that I have to answer a 'pass on question' about how it al started... ( passion for craft, to be more specific).

Well...'Once upon a time I was born, and that's where it started!
In between playing with toy cars, climbing trees and 
spuɐɥ ʎɯ uo uʍop ǝpısdn ƃuıʞlɐʍ
(I wasn't really a girlie girl)
I spend most of my childhood drawing and painting.
I actually divided cartoon images into squares and then drew them on scale on a bigger sheet, since I can remember. The seven dwarfs from Walt Disney were my favourites to draw.

I also loved to jigsaw (mostly brooches) and then paint them. I spend hours in the shed sawing away.

On day I got oil paint from my Dad. A new challenge. I started to paint a bit more realistic. And I actually was very impressed with myself. During several years I painted every now and then, but I guess I didn't have enough patience to stick with it.

Meanwhile I studied Social Work and I mainly specified in organising activities for groups of people (kids, elderly people, handicapped people,etc). The study involved a lot of creative subjects. I loved it all (well except knitting and sewing...yuck!)

After working as a social worker for a couple of years I decided it was time for a career change.  I needed to do something new. That's how I ended up working at 'Pipoos' (a craft shop that's very well known in Holland and Belgium). Craft paradise! I discovered scrapbooking, decoupage, jewellery making, etc. You name it, i've tried it all!
This is where my own 'craft supplies stock' at home started to grow as well. My hobby was now my work and the money I earned went straight back into the shop...haha!

The idea to sell my handmade products grew.
This is one of the first items I made with the intention to sell:

After a few years I moved on to working at Dille & Kamille (I love that shop!!!) Here I was responsible for styling and decorating. If we had stayed in the Netherlands I would probably still work there!

In between I still crafted and sold something every now and then.
But there was still something I never ever tried. Sewing! Inspired by all those great fabrics I decided to buy a second hand sewing machine and give it a go. This little bag is one of the first projects I made (without a pattern) 

Since then (2,5 years ago) I'm unstoppable, and so is my obsession with buying nice fabrics.
Time to make some money instead of just spending, I thought. The idea to start a web shop was born.

But then our lives turned upside down because me and my boyfriend got the opportunity to immigrate to Australia (our dream came true!)
Obviously it took a while to settle down in this new life.
I found a new job in a lovely little craft shop and got introduced to the wonderful world of craft in Melbourne (it's craft paradise). I also discovered blogging....

.. and here is where I stand today. On the very beginning of setting up an online shop and living my dream. I have so many ideas and plans, but I'm taking it one step at the time.
My workspace is now set up in the new house, so I'm ready to go! 
My 'Happy Room' is how I call it ; )

I hope you enjoyed reading how it all started for me.

I won't pass 'het stokje' on, simply because the whole forwarding thing is not really my cup of tea as I mentioned before. Hope I'll be forgiven?! I noticed there's already a lot of 'stokjes' going around anyway! 

Happy crafting and thanks for visiting!


  1. Wat leuk om jou verhaal te lezen zeg! Werken bij Pipoos lijkt me geweldig.
    En dan je werkkamer! Prachtig.
    Zo'n oude trapnaaimachine hebben wij ook nog. Die was van mijn oma.
    Succes met je shop!

    groetjes Judith

  2. Leuk om te lezen! En wat een prachtige Happy Room heb je zeg!!
    Groetjes Marieke

  3. Wat een heerlijke werkplek heb jij zeg! Zalig om die foto's te bekijken.

  4. hoi hoi! Wat ontzettend leuk om jouw verhaal te lezen! en grappig hoe je van social worker bij dille en kamille terecht bent gekomen. Ik vind je happy room helemaal te gek, en zie ik het goed, dat er nu al drie naaimachines staan!? Het gaat vast helemaal goedkomen met jou en je shop!

  5. Oh, was für ein wunderschöner blog!!!
    Vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar zu meiner Eule. Ich hab gelesen das du halb deutsch bist und hoffe du kannst auch lesen was ich schreibe. Sonst schreib ich nochmal in englisch :o) Hast du auch einen Shop?
    Liebe Grüße von Marina

  6. Wauw, wat een superkamer heb je daar! Lekker helemaal voor jezelf! Leuk om te lezen hoe het allemaal begonnen is. En werken bij Dille & Kamille, ook helemaal gaaf, één van mijn favoriete winkels :)

  7. Dat is idd héél erg Happy, het hebben van zo'n ruime, prachtige kamer. Ik kan wel zeggen dat ik daar lichtelijk jaloers van word. Is het er altijd zo netjes of was het net opgeruimd voor de foto...Je was tenslotte styliste?
    Veel succes met je webshop. Dat kan je dan nog aan je sucses-story toevoegen, want dat gaat vast helemaal goed komen.

  8. Wauw, wat een prachtige kamer heb je!! Ik zou er denk ik nooit meer uitkomen, hihi.
    Ik kom trouwens graag op je blog om te kijken wat voor prachtige dingen je maakt. Succes met alles!

  9. Hi Monique,
    What a lovely post. Reading all about the how's and why's your setting up shop and where you've come from is great reading.
    Ah, gosh, I love your craft/shop room!
    So bright, airy, and full of yummy goodies.
    Well done and wishing you luck!

  10. Ik ben zoooooooooooo jaloers op die prachtige werkplek!

  11. Idd wat een geweldige werkplek heb je, helemaal een happy room :) Ik geloof ik dat ik daar de hele dag wel zou willen vertoeven :) :)
    De spullen die je maakt zijn schitterend, dus die webshop loopt als een trein :)

    Alvast een hele fijne vakantie in Nederland en Duitsland.

    gr Alette