Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beach Bike Basket!

This is my funky, blue beach bike. It's even more funky because I think it was an absolute bargain! I bought it for $180 AUD. In the Netherlands I paid even more (in Euro's) for a second hand bike at Central Station in The Hague! (And that bike was stolen 6 weeks later! Yep, unfortunately that's still is how it goes in The Netherlands!)
Anyway, I think this bike screamed for a nice basket at the front. But I wanted a basket made out of reeds, just like my mun used to have when I was young.

Easy to find in the Netherlands those baskets. But here in Australia the baskets you can find are like the German baskets... made from metal! It took me half a year to finally find one that was made out of reeds (and didn't cost me more then my bike!)
I bought it last week in a little hardware shop in Sorrento.
I'm so happy with it!

Today was the most gorgeous day since a long time (26 degrees!!! I couldn't stop jumping, smiling, celebrating!!)

Me and Sander drove our bikes to the South Melbourne Markets. We browsed around the market for a bit, had a drink in the sun and then I took my 'goodies' ( favorites!) home in the basket.

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  1. Wow, wat een gave fiets heb jij! En dat mandje met de prachtige tulpen maakt het helemaal af! Ik verlang ook weer naar tulpen maar moet nog een paar maanden wachten.

    Veel plezier met je fiets :-)