Monday, September 7, 2009

Winter depressions and happy cushions!

The last couple of weeks I have not been very inspired at all. Could this be my personal little Winter depression? Not that Melbourne Winters get as could as Dutch Winters...but weather here isn't very pleasant in Winter either. And after a year of Summer, my little Winter depression feels even worse then it normally does!

Of course, these are the moments that you miss your family back home the most.
We often get the question why we chose to immigrate and live far away from family and friends. And the silliest question would be; "Don't you miss your family?!".

We decided to immigrate because we like adventure, we want to experience other cultures, meet new people and enjoy a country that we both love dearly. And so far we are enjoying it very much!

That doesn't change the fact that I miss my family very much! They are very precious to me and it's not easy to continue the same contact as before. Although skype and webcams make it possible to chat with our family more often then we did when we were still living in Holland...hehe. But it's not entirely the same!

Normally when I'm feeling a bit sad I go to my best friend for a 'bitch' session (as we call it). Let's just say these sessions involve heaps of tea and chocolate. Now with both of us having busy lives it's hard to find a moment to skype together! I miss it very much.

Never the less, Since last week I'm feeling much better again! Spring is in the air and I have hundred of crafty ideas in my head again... I have been crafting most of today and I'm very pleased with the result. Just a cute, happy cushion!

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