Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yummy Appeltaart!

Today I baked a Dutch Appeltaart. Hmmm...not really exciting but it is actually the first pie I have ever baked... shame on me! One part is filled with apples and sultanas and the other half with apples and nuts.
I tasted it an hour ago. It was actually rather delicious and I don't feel the urge to run to the toilet or anything!?! So I think I succesfully baked my first 'taart' today!
Maybe I should try another piece....just to be sure :)


  1. Hi Monique,
    Gosh, you've been a very busy lady.
    Oh, please send me a piece of that yummy looking pie. lol
    Hm, I think it would be a shame to put those cute little birdies into cloths. I prefer them as wall art.
    Well done on painting and decorating them.

  2. hmmmm...sieht sehr fein aus! ich liebe apfelkuchen!
    du warst ja ganz schön fleissig in den letzten tagen! toll!
    ganz liebe grüsse aus der kalten schweiz,

  3. Lekker hoor , je mag wel een stukie sturen hoor ;-)