Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back in time!

The other day we were on the hunt for a Maccas (Australian for MacDonalds). 
But as always there's millions of Maccas on this planet, but if you are searching for one you can't find it.

We just gave up hope as we noticed a sign that said 
'real American Burgers here'.
Longing for a snack we decided to give it a try.

And what a discovery we made. It was as if going back in time. Amazing!
It felt like The King himself, Or Olivia and John would walk in any moment... lol.

(as you might have figured out, I've never been to America. 
I presume these restaurants are more common over there?!))

Anyway the burger was great!


  1. Oh dat ziet er gezellig uit. Een van mijn wensen is om ooit mijn eigen jukebox te hebben, geweldig die dingen.

    gr Alette

  2. Precies een reis terug in de tijd, moet zalig zijn :-)