Friday, January 22, 2010

Japanese Design

Lately I have been hearing so much about Japanese craft and design. Not something I was very aware of in Europe. Is this because I have not been paying attention or is it really not that much of a 'trend' on the other side of the planet yet?

Anyway, I'm starting to fall in love with some of those beautiful Japanese designs. As in Scandinavian design I think Japanese are also very good in creating very simple but lovely products!

Here's two beautiful rice bowls I got for Christmas from a dear friend. (Thanks them!). Amazingly even boyf seems to like them. Very rare as he's a typical bloke that buys things just because they're functional and he really needs it, not because they are sooooo pretty and you just need to have them!

I bought the little wallet as a present for myself. It is made by a Melbourne based Company called Only Midge.
I just loved the (apparently Japanese) fabric!
Recently my friend spotted the fabric in a shop and she bought some as a present for me. I got it today. I love it so much...

To purchase yourself:




  1. He zus...
    Nee je hebt gelijk... Dat japanse speelt hier niet echt. Wel vindt je af en toe de japanse fabrics. En ja, die zijn erg leuk! Vind dat portomoneetje (wat blijft dat toch een rotwoord) ook super (is het linnen?)
    Succes nog met al je logeetjes.
    x Sis

  2. Hier wel bekend hoor het Japanse maar dat komt misschien door de Japanse winkelketen Muji ( Overigens zeg ik hier maar dan bedoel ik ei$genlijk meer in Parijs en niet in het Zuiden van Frankrijk. Maar omdat ik daar gewoond heb ken ik het :)
    En de Japanse stofjes zijn geweldig! Maar die haal uit NL!