Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mommy and baby Roo!

Two weeks ago when we were camping I got up at 5.00 am one morning. We were at a beautiful spot in the forest that looked out on the ocean just some 50 metres away. Absolutely magical. I couldn't stay in bed any longer and decided to get out and make pictures of the sunrise. And although the sunrise was not very special it was just very peaceful. I watched the ducks taking a morning bath in a puddle, and the kangaroos grazing and enjoying their early breakfast. The day before the kangaroos seemed shy as always. Although they must be used to people, as they seemed to 'life' on the campsite permanently. And as always they just hopped off if you came to near. But this morning they were so relaxed and I could come really close to take pictures. At some point I spotted a Mummy Roo with a very cute Baby Roo in her pouch. I sat down next to them and watched them for a while. Taking some pictures and videos. Below here you can watch one of the video's. At some point Mummy came that close that she pushed her nose at my camera to have a little sniff at it. At that point I'd already stopped filming, but is was very special. Little Roo looked so cute!


  1. Oh echt schattig! Maar ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat ik blij was dat mijn baby's na 9 maanden uit mijn buik waren!
    x Cin

  2. Wat moet het geweldig zijn om in Australie te wonen.
    Leuk filmpje!

  3. that's so amazing- such a peaceful picture. it's amazing!!

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