Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lost in crafts!

And before you know it tit's 2010! And I'm just a bit lost at the moment...

So many plans but I just can't get organised. I want to go a step further with the whole crafty business but also just don't know where to start.
Meanwhile I'm so focused on all my ideas and inspirations that craft wise I just feel numb. I go to my craft room with all these ideas in my head. I start going trough all my fabrics, buttons, paints, etc. An hour later I find myself sitting in the middle of a huge pile of craft stuff and nothing came out of my hands yet! makes me go nuts!

Well, Then I just decided to make something easy. Something that can't go wrong so I definitely feel happy with the result.
In the book 'sew darn cute' I noticed some nice fabric coasters.
As red and white dot's always look nice no matter what you make I kept playing on save. And here's the result:

And now I'm going to go for a run around the park. It's nice and sunny so I shouldn't be inside all day anyway!(I think this was my inner-me telling me that I have to start working on my 'getting fit in 2010' plan). Running shoes here I come....... (oh dear).


  1. really really nice and fresh, way to go. As for what to create, give yourself time out. Like your walk around the park, or read a book, it always works for me.

  2. Hi, this dotted coasters are so sweet and you have avery nice blog!!