Monday, January 25, 2010

Komt een vrouw bij de dokter

At the moment I'm reading a Dutch book called 'komt een vrouw bij de dokter'. It's a bestseller and they recently made a (Dutch) movie about the book. The book is about an energetic and successful man enjoying his non-faithful lifestyle. Suddenly his wife is diagnosed with terminal cancer and he is trying to cope with this difficult situation. Obviously a very sad and confronting story. But also very funny by the way it is written.
The movie brought breast cancer back in the picture in The Netherlands. Lately I received some emails from friends asking me to sign a petition for 'testing breast cancer earlier'. At the moment the age you are given a test(by mammogram) is 50 years. But we all know it can reveal much earlier. The goal of the petition is to bring the age for breast cancer tests down to 30 years (same as you get your first cervical smear in the Netherlands).
I signed the petition. And as I think it's good to bring some awareness I'm spreading the worth on my blog.
If you have the Dutch nationality you can sign the petition here

Allright, just to finish my post with something more 'airy' he're some more
sunny and funny baggies!


  1. He wereldverbeteraar... Geintje! Ik heb natuurlijk ook al getekend!
    Leuke tasjes...
    x sis

  2. Getekend hoor!
    Enne inderdaad leuke tasjes.

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