Friday, April 16, 2010


Melbourne is the place to be if you are into crafting. So many inspiring crafters but also a lot of opportunity's for beginning crafters. Market's, classes, show's, etc.

Not to forget some awesome crafting books and magazine's. My friend bought this one, and I think it's a very inspiring little magazine. It's called Mixtape ( )  

I found some great sites and blogs trough this magazine. I would like to share these:
and last but not least great free patterns at:

Allright that's enough. Have a look on Mixtape's site or blog for more inspiration!

Meanwhile I started to crochet a blanket for our home. This afternoon I tried to choose some colours of yarn that I will use. I sat on the floor in our livingroom and Ricky (still dogsitting him) came for a cuddle and decided that it was very nice and comfy between the yarn......




  1. Wat leuk allemaal. Bedankt!
    Vanavond eens die sites wat beter bekijken. (Hupla, dan zijn we al surfend weer een uur verder, help!)

  2. Heel leuk!

    Ik ben ook bezig een deken(tje) te haken... Is wel een vijfjarenplan hier ;o)

  3. Das ist ja ein suesser.Wenn den meine Kleine sieht will sie gleich haben un d mein Man auch...*schmunzel*

    Ja in australiene sind die leute unglaublich creativ und verkaufen auch viele selbstgemachte Dinge.
    Ich finde dies wunderbar.

    Sei herzlich gegruesst von mir,Ich wuensche dir eine schoenes Wochenende

    Mail folgt in den negsten Tagen

  4. He looks so cute! I think you have been spoiling him! :)

  5. Hi Monique,
    Ohh, Ricky is soo cute.
    Gosh, so you can crochet as well. Is there anything you can't do?
    Hm, reading back through your posts,I must tell you-I have the best sister however you're sister seems pretty special as well.
    Happy creating weekend,

  6. Ziet er inderdaad allemaal erg leuk uit Monique! En wat een dottie dat beestje.